Princess X Class X95 - Navnit Marines distributor of Yacth and charter of Yacht in Mumbai

Mahindra Seahawk Ricocheting the waves

Cylinder block having wet liners for easy repair and serviceability
Bolted cam gear arrangement for easy serviceability
24 valve centred injection, uniform fuel injection for improved fuel efficiency
Air intake , large external intake manifold for higher power
Centrifuge fitted which increases service intervals and reduces the maintenance cost
Turbocharger and cooling system selection done 20% higher than requirement. It provides excellent transient response
Oil pan with higher gradability suitable for Rolling= 22° & Pitching = 7°
Brass impeller & brass pump casing for better corrosion resistance & increasing life
Control panel and wiring harness are marine grade with IP 65 protection
GPS - Tracking & remote monitoring system which can help track engine parameters viz, temperature , speed
Cu-Ni tubes & Bronze casing - sea water line piping for better corrosion resistance & life
HE / CAC - Compact & efficient designed for better durability, life & aesthetics
HE /CAC – 3 Pass flow construction for cooling efficiency & better serviceability.
Mahindra Sea Hawk: Direct gear driven sea water pump results better fuel efficiency
Mahindra Sea Hawk : Sea water circuit has 4 layers of silicon hoses that can withstand 240 deg temp