Princess X Class X95 - Navnit Marines distributor of Yacth and charter of Yacht in Mumbai

Mahindra Seahawk Ricocheting the waves USP

Case I -- Field Inputs – Indian Competitors (Trawling & Purse-seine cycle)
Case II -- Field Inputs – Chinese Competition (Trawling & Purse-seine cycle)

Engine Cooling System & Efficiency

  • Vane type Gear driven SW pump for better cooling & engine efficiency
  • HE / CAC - Compact & efficient designed for better durability, life & aesthetics
  • HE & CAC are designed for continuous duty Marine application with lower pressure drop and high heat dissipation capacity.
  • Optimized CAC with 3 pass flow design for better efficiency
  • 3 pass cross flow HE for effective cooling & better efficiency.
  • Cu-Ni tubes & Bronze casing for SW piping for better corrosion resistance & improved life.
  • Sea water circuit has 4 layers of silicon hoses that can withstand 240 deg temp
  • Engine is powered by Rotary pump with better fuel efficiency & distribution

Engine Unique Featres & Advantages

  • Unique CAC design resulting 10% more power than existing design.
  • Turbocharger and cooling system selection done 20% higher than requirement. It provides excellent transient response
  • Control panel and wiring harness are Marine Grade with IP-65 protection
  • GPS - Tracking & remote monitoring system which can help track engine parameters viz, temperature , speed
  • Cylinder block having wet liners for easy repair and serviceability
  • Bolted cam gear arrangement for easy serviceability
  • Air intake manifold designed for better power delivery
  • Centrifuge fitted which improve the service intervals and reduces the maintenance cost.